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Born in 1977, Australian composer Nicholas McRoberts began his studies in Melbourne before moving to Europe to study at the Paris Conservatorium and with renowned Finnish conductor Jorma Panula. Rejecting the aggressive atonal style that characterised Australia contemporary music in the late nineties, McRoberts writes in a neo-tonal style owing more to Debussy, Prokofiev and Britten than to the second Viennese school. Despite censorship and numerous obstacles, McRoberts continued to work stubbornly on his opera "Lyon" for another 18 years. It receives it's first performance here in Bulgaria thanks to the support of the State Opera Rousse and it's director Nayden Todorov. McRoberts' other major works include a ballet and a symphony and numerous songs and piano pieces.



Lyon is Australian composer Nicholas McRoberts’ first full-scale opera. The text (also written by the composer) is an imaginative revision of the classic fairy tale “Blue Beard”. Set in a mythical France of the late 19th century, Lyon is the story of Lily - an impetuous young woman, her music Tutor - a clumsy but loyal admirer, and Monsieur Lyon - the charming older man who sweeps her away.

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